This review is specific to Carol Di Mundo, our Broker/Agent with Hawkins-Poe Real Estate Services.  We just closed on the sale of our home in Gig Harbor, WA on 1/13/2017.  She gets a definite 5 star rating for reasons described below.
Let me start by saying I was the last one interested in selling this house.  It was a personal fulfillment of a life long dream.  We chose the land.  We had a house designed for the property.  I personally built the house... all 5750 sqft.  I ultimately agreed to the sale as a concession to or in deference to my spouse inasmuch as she had decided she wanted out of Gig Harbor.  As you may have gathered, this was raw and it is definitely personal!  My point is I was kind of a hostile customer to start with.  Keep that in mind as you read about my remarks about Carol. 

We were originally represented by Coldwell Banker Bain by an agent/Broker I had worked with for 20 years and multiple transactions.  Our relationship and business were completely taken for granted.  It was my impression that we received nothing in terms of support or effort to get our house sold by them other than a 45 minute lecture (before I terminated the relationship) as to why their lack of a strategy and effort was the right solution.  So we switched to Carol.   

Carol was amazing in so many ways.  She never stopped pouring her heart and energy into getting the property sold... and it took a long time.  She tolerated me and brought me along every step of the way.  She was always positive.  She was always thorough in her research and documentation.  She was relentless in creating new strategies and approaches to getting the word out and traffic in to see our place.  She held open houses and other events on an ongoing basis weekend after weekend.  She did targeted mailings to non-mainstream groups to market a concept. She got our home featured several times in periodicals getting it great visibility.  In short, she did everything humanly possible to get the visibility of our home as high as possible.  She was always open to new ideas.  She was always timely and prepared and NEVER, EVER gave up.  

We went from almost 6000 sqft down to about 1000 sqft of living space. From a 6 car garage equivalent to a zero car garage (no garage).   Needless to say there was lots of furniture, artwork, appliances, tools and "history" to get rid of.  She was even a willing and capable resource in that regard. 

I am sure I will edit this down over time, but the most important thing I liked about Carol was her humanity and grace in a very difficult transaction.  A consummate professional on all levels. A beautiful human being. I don't know how you beat that combination.

Thanks Carol!

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Highly likely to recommend

04/19/2016 - user341429 Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2015 in Port Orchard, WA.

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Very easy to work with has a ton of great information. Very knowledgeable about the area and sees things through no matter how difficult and keeps you reassured. I highly recommend her for buying or selling!